KBRwyle Sports Dietitian (Okinawa, JP) in Okinawa, Japan

Sports Dietitian (Okinawa, JP)


Provides guidance and counseling on nutritional practices to enhance recovery and optimize performance for SOF personnel, with the priority on SOF Operators and Direct Combat Support personnelEssential Duties & Responsibilities:The contractor performs administrative and clinical duties within their scope of practice. The contractor shall provide and perform the following services in support of POTFF’s HP program for SOF personnel, with the priority on SOF Operators and Direct Combat Support personnel: Provide nutritional planning, counseling, and documentation that is guided by evidence-based peerreviewed literature. Advise the chain of command on issues pertinent to nutrition and performance nutrition. Provide individual and group counseling for guidance on performance nutrition. Design and implement performance nutrition programs for SOF personnel in garrison, TAD/TDY, and deployed settings. Develop nutritional protocols and guidelines for rehabilitation and performance. Collaborate with the HP program Manager and/or Coordinator for implementation of new protocols and guidelines. Assist other regional SOF assets as required by the HP program Manager and/or Coordinator and approved by the chain of command. Attend and participate in meetings with other POTFF staff members and medical personnel as requested and/or required. Ensure that adequate educational materials and sports nutrition specific supplies are available. Assist with supply inventories. Provide input on supply needs. Ensure that equipment and facilities under the purview of the Performance Dietitian are in safe working condition and are properly utilized. Ensure that records are updated as required. Participate in periodic in-service training for members of the HP Staff. Attend required training in accordance with guiding instructions. Commands will allow for attendance at the necessary conferences or courses to complete continuing education units required to maintain professional certifications. Perform administrative duties, which may include maintaining records of workload, participating in education programs, and participating in clinical staff quality assurance functions. Participate in peer (record) reviews as directed and required. Develop and promulgate training materials as requested and required by the HP program Manager and/or Coordinator. Perform other tasks, within the scope of the PD position description, as assigned by the HP program Manager and/or Coordinator.

Job: Engineering

Primary Location: JP-Okinawa

Req ID: 1060615